What to visit in Tuscany- into the continent

Tuscany is the best region in Italy. It is filled with great places that harbours the true culture of the country. Here you can find traditional food and buildings that you can only see in movies.

If you plan on visiting Italy, you should definitely start with Tuscany.

Here are some places that you should definitely visit if you plan on seeing Tuscany outside the seaside.


Florence is a very popular city, mainly known for its mesmerising buildings. This city is filled with architectural structures that have been standing since 1436, representing the true renaissance design styles.

Here you can find the famous dome of the Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore that is known to be the biggest dome, size-wise, on Earth. The dome is also popular for the paintings that are all over its interior, giving the cathedral a really unique look.

Beside the basilica, Florence offers a variety of tourist attractions that are sure to please its visitors, such as the old palace and the bridge that goes across the Arno river.


This is another mesmerising city that is known to impress al of its visitors with the amazing tourist attractions and traditional Italian architecture and food.

Lucca is similar to Pisa, having its own beautiful tower and interesting streets and alleys filled with all kinds of small shops, cafes and restaurants.


Pisa is one of the most popular cities in the world, known for the Leaning Tower that is situated in the centre it, being much like Florence because of its beautiful architecture and views.

This city is amazing, not only for this famous tower, but also for its great cathedrals, halls, architecture and, most importantly, food.

This is a great place to visit and you will most definitely not get bored. Pisa provides an abundance of tourist attractions, that you cannot, under any circumstance, not find something to occupy your time.

Park Apuan Alps

This is a must in your trip, since this park contains the marble mines that provide a spectacular view.

They are situated near Pisa and are a great way to take a break from all the civilization by hiking all the way to the top where you will enjoy different views of the marble mines, as well as the sea.

If you do not have enough time to actually hike the whole mountain, you can go by car from Carrara to Campo Cecina where you will enjoy a mild but spectacular hike to the top.


Saturnia is a small city that you may not have heard of, but that contains the most beautiful thermal baths.

There are the Mill waterfalls that contain thermal water and that are naturally made, giving you a once in a lifetime experience at some amazing views and, obviously, great relaxation. Also, the entrance is free.

If you prefer going to the spa, you should go to Terme di Saturnia, which offers pools filled with the natural thermal water as well as other facilities that are mentioned on their site.

The thermal water, also known as Spring water, that is found both at the spa and waterfalls, is known for:

  • boosts respiration and increases pulmonary ventilation
  • the treatment of various skin conditions
  • a vasodilatory effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, reducing the arterial pressure
  • a natural exfoliating, peeling effect and deep antiseptic cleansing action
  • a protective, antioxidizing/antiageing and cleansing effect on the liver


Prato is a beautiful city near Florence that is known for the historical buildings and museums that it holds.

This is one of the most important places to visit, not only because the sights are completely unique, but also because here you will have the opportunity to find out more about the Italian history and the about people’s way of living in different centuries.


Siena is another beautiful city that holds great cathedrals and museums, as well as magical alleys.

This city is going to blow your mind with its beautiful sights, but it is also a great location for lovers, since it has that romantic vibe going on.

At night, the city is even more beautiful. The streets are lit up and are filled with terrases, that hold great food, and pubs.


Tuscany is a great place to visit and it will definitely impress you with its beautiful architecture, food and entertainments.

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