What to visit in Tuscany- by the sea

Tuscany is the best region in Italy. It is filled with great places that harbours the true culture of the country. Here you can find traditional food and buildings that you can only see in movies.

If you plan on visiting Italy, you should definitely start with Tuscany.


Viareggio is a city known, not for the sea, but for the long and wide sidewalk that is right near it and that is filled with shops and great restaurants. At night, the city is even more spectacular since every building is lit and concerts, as well as performances usually fill the streets.

The sea is also very beautiful and it is a great way to relax while shopping, since is right beside the big and famous footway.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a famous attraction located near the city of Carrara that consists in five small towns that are near the sea and that hold amazing, traditional buildings.

To reach these small towns you can go by train, taking it from Carrara or La Spezia, by ferry, or by foot.

If you decide to take the train, you will be able to leave your car in one of the mentioned cities and you will also experience magical views. The ride takes around 10-15 between each stop and the places you will be able to visit are, in this order:

From La Spezia:

La Spezia- Riomaggiore- Manarola- Corniglia- Vernazza- Monterosso- Levanto (a small city near Cinque Terre)

From Carrara:

Carrara- Porto Venere- Riomaggiore- Manarola- Corniglia- Vernazza- Monterosso

If you choose to travel with the ferry, the nearest place where you can get it is the Port of Carrara which is situated in Marina di Carrrara. Remember that you have to make reservations.

Le Rocchette

Le Rocchette is known for its clear water and for its amazing monuments. It is considered one of the few places in Italy that has sand beaches and very clear water.

When visiting Italy, Le Rocchette is a must. Here you can spend your day at the beach and go to a restaurant at night, where you’ll be offered true Italian dishes and wine.

This place is like no other not only for the seaside, but also for its vegetation. There are loads of palm trees, the climate being very very hot. Other beautiful things to see are the rocks that add the final detail to the exotic view.

Le Rocchette is the best place for families with kids, since the beaches are with sand and not rocks.


Cecina is a great place to spend your holiday. It has great beaches, with clear water and breathtaking views.

This place is known not only for its beautiful sea, but also for the acqua park that is situated in the city, making it the best place for families with kids.

Acqua Village is gigantic, filled with all you could ever dream. It is suited for all ages and preferences, since it has all kinds of water slides, but also shows and workshops for the small ones. The ticket is only 23 euros for adults, and only 18 euros for children under 11 years old.


Like the other locations, Piombino has great seaside, but what is unique about this place is the “bridge” that goes into the sea. From there you can see the Elba island, which you can reach with the ferry. Taking the ferry there will make your holiday even better, because it will be a truly amazing experience.

Isola d’Elba

This island has a reputation for its beautiful beaches, with clear water and loads of fish. The vegetation is also a tropical one, making the view truly unique.

Here, the beaches are each amazing and different from the other, which will prevent your holiday from getting boring.

At night the island’s villages are marvellous. They are all lit up and the streets are filled with restaurants and different shows.

Punta Ala

This is another beautiful location that is rare since it is kind on a peninsula. The seaside is also amazing, since the water is very clear and filled with all kinds of fish and corals.

This place is great for exploring because it has a couple of unique bays, that are a little bit hard to reach, but definitely worth it.


Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit and it will definitely amaze you with its breathtaking seaside.

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