I love reading! I haven’t been a reader since I was 8 like some of my friends, but my time as a reader really changed me and with the experience I have, I can most certainly call myself one.

Why I started?

Growing up, I had a lot of friends who were readers. I was usually left out because I didn’t know what the latest book was about.

Being the tom boy that I was, I preferred playing football than staying inside and read, so I refused to read and became kind of an outsider when books came up in discussions.

I didn’t read any kinds of books until I got really angry with my friends for talking about the same book for over a month. So one evening, I went to one of my friends’ house and she lend me her book.

I reluctantly started it, but once I got through 100 pages, I was hooked. I had finished the book in 1 weekend. The best thing was that, when I went to school the next day, and my friends and I could talk about the book together.

After I realised that books weren’t so bad, I continued reading. I can’t explain how grateful I am for having friends who introduced me to reading, because now I can’t live without the characters that I accompany on different journeys every single day.

What do I read?

I usually focus on fantasy/ SF books, with a pinch of romance. Reading fantasy mixed with romance is the best for me because the book is interesting and filled with adventure, but also steamy.

I usually go for books that have characters with special powers and that are placed in the princes and princesses era. The one topic that I find interesting is a girl with an interesting past, that we learn about during the book, who has these special powers and who, along some other characters, fights against this ancient evil being.

While loving fantasy, I also enjoy SF. Well, actually, I like dystopian books (eg. The Hunger Games, Shatter Me). These books are interesting because they are filled with action and are very well written, especially from the world building point of view.

Why do I recommend reading?

Reading is a great way of spending time and escaping reality. I personally recommend it because it gives you the opportunity to go on great adventures and connect with the characters that you’re accompanying.

It also improves your vocabulary and it will help you use more sophisticated words in your speech.

How to start reading?

I believe that any time is great time to start reading. So, if you don’t know with what to start, here’s a list with books that you can read, categorised by genre:

Romance: any John Green book, Eleanor & Park (by Rainbow Rowell), Everything everything (by Nicola Yoon)

Fantasy: Caraval (by Stephanie Garber), These rebel waves (by Sara Raasch), Rebel of the sands (by Alwin Hamilton)

YA: A court of thorns and roses (by Sarah J. Maas), City of bones (by Cassandra Clare), Graceling (by Kristin Cashore), The Giver (by Lois Lowry)

Dystopian: Shatter me (by Tahereh Mafi), The Fifth Wave (by Rick Yancey), Matched (by Ally Condie)

Science-Fiction: The Martian (by Andy Weir), Red Rising (by Pierce Brown), Divergent (by Veronica Roth)

Horror: The Shining (by Stephen King), Red Dragon (by Thomas Harris)

Mystery: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (by Stieg Larsson), And Then there were None (by Agatha Cristie)


Reading is one of the best and accessible hobbies existent and I really hope that, by writing this article, I convinced you to start a book.

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