Things I wish I knew before getting a dog

Having a dog is a lot of fun, but it can actually be pretty exhausting to always take him on walks or to play with him daily.

I have been the mother of a sweet 2 years old golden retriever and I have to say that my schedule is significantly more filled. Because I walk him twice a day for a minimum of 1h30m, I don’t have a lot of free time outside school.

So here is a list of things that I wish I knew before getting a dog:

They are very noisy

So, if you get annoyed really easy, getting a dog might not be the best idea. They are like newborn children. Because they can’t talk, they bark, and sometimes, it gets really really annoying. This is their way of expressing their anger or discomfort, so we can’t actually blame them.

Now, you may think that you can get through with it, but when I say that dogs bark, I really mean they do bark, a lot. They do it when they want to go outside and potty, they do it when they want you to pay attention to them, they do it when they see other dogs or cats, they even do it at five o’clock in the morning because they’re just hungry.

So, if you plan on getting a dog, beware of the barking problem. No, truly, I have experienced it… it’s not fun.

You have to play with them regularly

When getting a dog, you get him for at least 10 years. That means that you can’t only play with him in the first year or two. You have to play with him for its entire lifespan.

Dogs need a way to consume their energy, so you have to play with them. I know, I know, then what are walks for. Well, walks are only a way for them to move their body, but, since they have a great load of energy, they have to consume it by running.

At first, it isn’t hard, but ,with time, you’ll find yourself tired of playing with him every single day. So, unless you have those 15 minutes a day to play with your pet, and the dedication to do it daily, a dog is not for you.

They like having a strict schedule

It is no mystery that dogs like having a routine. They do not enjoy going on a walk at four o’clock in the afternoon in one day, and the next doing it at six o’clock. They like to have a strict schedule that is, most importantly, constant.

If you don’t respect this schedule, that is when they will start to bark in order to make sure that you didn’t forget about them. So, if you have an unpredictable schedule, being a dog parent is something that you should really think through.

You have to treat them as part of your family

You may think that this is an easy one, but it is NOT. Making your dog a family member means that he receives plenty of love and affection, that he is acknowledged and that, most importantly, is very well taken cared of.

This means that the dog eats regularly at the same time during daytime, that is walked every day at least once, that gets enough exercise and that is taken to the vet at least twice a year to make sure that he is healthy.

Dogs are hairy

Dogs are hairy. I had to repeat that because you really have to understand that they really are hairy. They leave hair everywhere. On your clothes, couch, bathroom, bed, everywhere.

If you have allergies or if you are not determined to clean your house at least two/ three times a week, being a dog owner may not be for you.

Dogs smell

If you plan on getting a dog, you should definitely take into consideration that dogs stink. Because they like to get dirty, they usually smell bad.

This smell will fill up your house and will get into your clothes so you may smell bad even if you don’t notice it because you are used to your dog’s smell.

So, when getting a dog, keep in mind that your hose will stink, like really bad.

Dogs are expensive

When getting a dog, you don’t just buy the dog. You have to buy food (every month and a half), a place for him to sleep in, toys and, for some dogs, training lessons.

Aside from these expenses, dogs need to go to the vet to get injections that are not as cheap as you would think, dogs need to take vitamins, and they have to be treated in case they get ill or hurt.

So, if you’re not ready to spend so much on a dog, you should definitely not get a dog.


If something on this list does bothers you or doesn’t go with your lifestyle, you should reconsider getting a dog, because once you have it, you can’t just get rid of it.

Most importantly, these things are vital for dogs, so you can’t just skip one of these thing. You have to really be ready to commit in order to be a dog owner. Otherwise, the dog will really suffer.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

Josh Billings

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