Things to do this summer

Summer is finally here!!! I just love this time of the year and, in order to celebrate the hot days to come, I have prepared a list of interesting and fun things to do this summer.

  1. Go to your local pool with some friends
  2. Visit your hometown like a tourist
  3. Go biking with some friends in the forest
  4. Light a fire without using any kind of lighter and make some smores
  5. Spend a day in the city, with your friends, without having any money at you
  6. Spend a night in the woods, sleeping in a tent
  7. Go to a concert/ festival
  8. Fly some lanterns in your backyard
  9. Go swimming in the sea at night (GREAT feeling)
  10. Build a fort
  11. Have a photo session
  12. Pull an all-nighter with your friends
  13. Volunteer
  14. Clean you local parks
  15. Get a henna tattoo
  16. Get random people to sign a shirt
  17. Make a lemonade stand
  18. Kiss a stranger
  19. Swim in a lake
  20. Go on a really tough hike
  21. Bake a huge cake (even if you’re not good at baking)
  22. Build a sandcastle
  23. Have a water balloon fight
  24. Have a picnic on the beach
  25. Watch the sunset on the beach
  26. Make a DIY tie dye shirt
  27. Make friendship bracelets
  28. Go to a waterpark and go on the most extreme slide there
  29. Make your own slip’n slide
  30. Go fishing
  31. Have a movie night in your backyard
  32. Spend a day without your phone
  33. Learn how to surf
  34. Start a “business” (you could sell sweets, old stuff)
  35. Go camping in the woods for at least two nights
  36. Go to a theme park
  37. Go to a baseball/ basketball/ football match
  38. Paint on your friend’s back
  39. Go bowling
  40. Archery
  41. Play volleyball
  42. Paint your clothes
  43. Have a picnic near a lake
  44. Climb a tree
  45. Hunt for pretty rocks
  46. Have a spa day with your friends
  47. Paintball
  48. Read a book on the beach
  49. Go to an escape room
  50. Stargaze
  51. Mini golfing
  52. Gardening
  53. Colour powder
  54. Watch fireworks
  55. Make a fairy garden
  56. Build a home for birds
  57. Face paint
  58. Pin pong
  59. Bake a bunch of cookies/ muffins and give them to random people
  60. Take portrait photos to strangers
  61. Make homemade lemonade
  62. Watch Disney movies
  63. Go tanning with your friends
  64. Pillow fight
  65. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  66. Spend a whole night on the beach
  67. Go jellyfish hunting
  68. Go to the zoo
  69. Do the yoga challenge
  70. Have fun!!

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